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Increase Law Firm Profitability

Increase billable hours and gain a deeper understanding of profitability per matter by automatically tracking your time and activity.

Save Time, Reduce Errors & Work Smarter

Access over 14,000 automated and up-to-date County, State, and Federal forms in one place and focus on what you do best — winning for your clients.

Tailor Smokeball to Your Firm's Needs

Get dedicated account management and support from the most qualified legal software team in the industry.

What Our Customers Say
Sandy from Goldberg & Goldberg
"Our small firm is finally organized."
Adam from Childers Law Firm, PLLC
"I was using another solution but switched and have not thought twice or looked back."
Josh from Cottonwood Law Group, LC
"Smokeball has increased my firm's profitability by over 30%."
Pam from Arkansas Asset Protection Group
"Our firm looked at many software programs — Smokeball has them all beat!"
Integrations to Power Your Practice
#1 for Document Automation

With Smokeball’s library of over 14,000 automated forms and industry-leading Microsoft Word and Outlook integrations, you’ll save time, reduce errors and create court-approved documents in seconds.

Automatic Time & Activity Tracking

Smokeball’s automatic time and activity tracking revolutionizes how your small law firm records your time and allows you to gain a deep understanding of profitability per matter, whether time recorded, based on a fixed fee, or contingency.

The Most Profitable Small Law Firms Use Smokeball
Legal practice management software that automatically tracks your entire law firm’s activity.
Everything you and your staff do within Smokeball, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook is timed, tracked, and associated with the appropriate file automatically. No need to start and stop multiple timers or try to keep up with your busy day minute-by-minute on paper. Whether you bill hourly, on a fixed fee, or on contingency, our automatic attorney time-tracking software will hand you the information needed to ensure your firm runs efficiently.
Get law firm insights and examine firm productivity analysis on your entire business.
Smokeball delivers law firm owners a comprehensive view of productivity by matter, practice area, and staff member and gives you law firm insights no other legal practice management software can. See and address any potential time issues or matters that you or your staff may be stuck on. With Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time-tracking software and related law firm insights reports, it’s easy to assess where staff may have extra time to take on more work or where staff may be overused.
Manage Your Firm in One Place
Managing your firm in one place means no more Dropbox, Google Drive or additional mobile apps to sign into and manage. Maintain access to your entire practice with every matter including emails, documents, memos and contacts with unlimited cloud backup storage. There’s no need to upload or download each file to every matter — Smokeball is online legal practice management software that automatically does it for you. Be a better attorney on the go!
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