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The Ultimate Guide to Cloud-Based Legal Software

As firm’s increasingly move their data from paper to digital, and from local to Cloud-based servers, there naturally arises questions around storage, organization, security, and more. This simple guide offers explanations to what Cloud-based software is, what benefits and drawbacks may exist, and tips for understanding the best match for individual law firms.

This free e-book covers:
  • Understanding different types of Cloud-based services
  • Explaining key terms and features in any software decision
  • Addressing typical concerns of security and storage
  • Recommending the right type of software for legal firms

As a hybrid Cloud-based software, Smokeball is well aware of the most common questions, concerns, and benefits that our clients have in choosing the right solution for their firm. Our mission in our product, as it is in this eBook, is to provide legal professionals with the right knowledge and tools to be productive and profitable so that they can best serve their local communities.

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About the Author
Gerri Lynn Martin
Gerri Martin, a Partner with Software Analysis Corporation, holds her undergraduate degree in Accountancy and is a CPA. This gives Gerri the business background needed to understand the financial and management implications of implementing software and business processes. In 1990, Gerri obtained a master’s degree in Project Management while graduating with honors. In 1992, she received her PMP certification in Project Management from the Project Management Institute. She is the past Vice President of Professional Development for PMI’s Chicagoland Chapter. This project management background lends itself to helping firms streamline their workflow and eliminate needless duplication of effort.