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Social Media for Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury firms have it tough. Competition is immense, and setting yourself apart can be expensive and daunting. Social media can be a tremendous tool to set your firm apart from the crowd, but you need to know what works and what doesn't. Our e-book by social media expert and attorney Scott Malouf explores the highs and lows of using social media to market a personal injury law firm.

This new e-book explores the following:
  • Different types of content for social media
  • Different audiences with which content should resonate
  • What works on social media and what doesn't
  • And much more

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Smokeball is an enormous productivity benefit for our firm and puts us on par with the insurance companies and defense firms who have had systems like this for years to manage the flow of claims and litigation. This product should be the standard of care in our industry as we work to make the world a safer place.
David Williams, Personal Injury Law Firm Owner
About the Author
Scott Malouf
Scott helps other lawyers identify social media evidence, and resulting claims, in all phases of litigation and investigations. He also helps organizations use social media for business, advising on social media guidelines, policies, practices and crisis response. Scott is also an active member of the New York State Bar Association’s Social Media Committee, where he co-authored the Social Media Ethics Guidelines, an influential national ethics resource and contributed to the Social Media Jury Instructions Report. He also manages the Section’s Twitter feed and chairs CLEs.