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Smokeball is more than just case management software. It’s legal productivity software that provides unmatched productivity tools. From document automation to automatic time and activity tracking, Smokeball helps Missouri attorneys grow their law firms and keep their clients happy. Don’t just “manage” your Missouri law firm, make it thrive.

Productivity through...

Pre-Built Software for Your Practice
Smokeball provides pre-set practice-area-specific matter types for over 200 areas of law! Be more productive immediately with file types that match your Colorado practice. Smokeball delivers the right information and smarter automated documents.
Automatic Time & Activity Tracking
Time is a law firm’s most valuable commodity and it’s limited. Never miss a minute of valuable time as Smokeball automatically records everything you do as you work, whether you bill for time or need efficiency analysis for flat-fee or contingency work.
Seamless Word & Outlook Integrations
Smokeball powers document and email productivity by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Effortlessly track and manage your emails, and quickly create automated Colorado documents with a click from a form library of over 17,000 public forms.
What Our Customers Say About Smokeball
"Smokeball has increased
 my firm's profitability by
over 30%."
Josh from Cottonwood Law Group, LC
"Our firm looked at many software programs — Smokeball has them all beat!"
Pam from Arkansas Asset Protection Group
"I was using another solution but switched and have not thought twice or looked back."
Adam from Childers Law Firm, PLLC

Smokeball is more than just legal practice management software — it’s legal productivity software.

#1 for Document Automation

With Smokeball’s library of over 14,000 automated forms and industry-leading Microsoft Word and Outlook integrations, you’ll save time, reduce errors and create court-approved documents in seconds.

Automatic Time & Activity Tracking

Smokeball’s automatic time and activity tracking revolutionizes how your small law firm records your time and allows you to gain a deep understanding of profitability per matter, whether time recorded, based on a fixed fee, or contingency.

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